Survivors Stories


Your head throbbing, throat strangling repetitive rage.
I understand, I’m here with you.
It will be okay.
I know it’s easy to say, most of the time it never feels that way.
But its okay to feel the pain.
Just don’t let it drown you away…

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I believe legalised prostitution strengthens and emboldens misogynistic attitudes in men.

Because of this, I believe that for many punters, causing mental discomfort to the girl / woman they buy is necessary for them to truly enjoy the experience. This is in stark contrast to the widespread belief that punters are normal, respectful men just looking to satiate their biological desire for sex and no one is harmed in the process.

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Sara Smiles: My story in the world of paid rape.

I was asked a question: “What was your life like growing up?” The first words to exit my mouth were …

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‘I am a child impacted by the sex trade! I am a child impacted by paid rape!’

Imagine being a trapped in a world where sex is money and your body is an item for someone else’s pleasure.

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No, decriminalisation of johns and pimps has not improved our safety or our lives.

We would be having sex (or not having sex) with those people we are sexually attracted to and interested in, and only those people, for our pleasure and fulfilment not just theirs. This is not consent, this is coercion.

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I would be locked in my room and would only be let out to see clients.

I vividly remember one particular night. As silent as a thief he entered my room, my bed. I was five. …

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