Because Only Together We Can

Exploited WOMEN & CHILDREN ARE OVERREPRESENTED IN the sex trade IN Oceania.


Who We Are

Wahine Toa Rising is Survivor Led & Supports Wahine Toa (Warrior Women) & Tamariki (Children) who have & are being Exploited in the Sex Trade in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

What We Do

— Providing A Voice

Commercial sexual exploitation silences women. Wahine Toa Rising gifts survivors a safe supported space to speak about their lived experience. We support women with aroha to share what they know about the trade and the impact it has had on their lives. 

— Building Connections

Commercial sexual exploitation damages solidarity and connection between women. We are building a survivor sisterhood within Aotearoa, Australia and the Pacific Islands . 

Survivors SPeak

Chelsea worked for many years in legal brothels.

This is not consent, this is coercion. This is not sex work, this is rape. This is economic exploitation. This is women’s oppression. Decriminalisation of johns and pimps has not improved our safety or lives.

Siobhan was in prostitution between the ages of 18 and 30.

I would cry on my way into the brothel, but by then I felt trapped in the work and felt I had to make something of my life with the money before I could quit, to make it all worthwhile.


Wahine Toa Rising supports Nicola Centofanti and the Equality Model
Equality Model

We stand with Nicola Centofanti MLC and the Equality Model

Every day a woman in the sex trade wakes up alive to hold her children or hug her loved ones is especially something to be ...
NZ Prostitution Reform Act 2003
Nordic Model

NZ Prostitution Reform Act 2003 – The Truth Uncovered

Women still being controlled by managers, owners. Women, men and children not being protected under PRA 2003 because they are not included or non NZ ...
Jamie Lee Ross
News & Media

Pimp ex-MP shows the Prostitution Reform Act is failing, says sex trade survivor group

We are hearing of increased violence and exploitation against women and young people, yet no one does anything. These women have been abandoned to exploitation ...