Help Wahine Toa Rising get to the 4th World Congress for the Abolition of Prostitution!

Our Survivor Leaders are heading to Montreal to attend this vital international event 1 - 3 June 2024.

Your support will ensure Wahine Toa Rising can connect face to face with fellow survivors and allies from around the world.

Especially with other indigenous and First Nation women, who are overrepresented in trafficking and sex trade exploitation.

The women have already raised funds through family and community events. Now we’re asking WTR supporters to chip in and ensure all our courageous Survivor Leaders and Advocates can make it to the Congress. Every voice counts in the struggle against the sex trade. 

Your donation will enable them to represent sex trade survivors from Aotearoa New Zealand and advocate for the abolition of prostitution.

Every contribution counts in empowering survivors and combating sexual exploitation. Donate now to make a difference!

Read more about the Survivor Leaders of Wahine Toa Rising here.