WTR Survivor Leaders to Attend Global Congress on Prostitution Abolition

In a historic move, Wahine Toa Rising from Aotearoa New Zealand are set to represent their nation at the fourth International World Congress organised by the Coalition for the Abolition of Prostitution in Montreal this June.

The delegation comprises three courageous women who have survived the sex trade in New Zealand and an advocate dedicated to supporting survivors.
Ally Marie Diamond

Ally-Marie Diamond the organiser of survivor led group Wahine Toa Rising, emphasised the significance of their presence at the event stating, “This is the first time there has been a group from Aotearoa New Zealand attend this event and it is crucial for us as survivors to have a presence there.”

Ninakaye, who has been vocal since 2017 about her past experiences in the sex trade, expressed her excitement about connecting with other First Nations representatives at the Congress. She highlighted the disproportionate representation of Māori women as victims of prostitution and trafficking in New Zealand and stressed the importance of indigenous solidarity in combating sexual exploitation

Gloria, founder of Handing the Shame Back foundation, has shared her harrowing experience of being trafficked for the first 16 years of her life. Now an author and advocate, she has dedicated her life to empowering survivors and combating child sexual abuse and trafficking.

For Lana, attending this Congress will not only be as an indigenous wahine representing Aotearoa, it is a representation of leaders and advocates for indigenous survivors of prostitution globally. It will be a privilege to share and learn from each other so that survivors may reclaim their dignity and identity, and mana motuhake (sovereignty). Remembering who we are as mana wāhine and the ancestors we descend from. Transforming Pain into Purpose

The Congress, themed “Equality in Action,” will host over 40 speakers from around the world to discuss various topics including the historical oppression of indigenous women, intersectional oppressions shaping the prostitution system, and the role of sports events in the commodification of women.

Representing survivor advocacy group Wahine Toa Rising, all four women are volunteering to create change and offer hope to other survivors in New Zealand.

Their participation underscores the global movement toward ending sexual exploitation and advocating for the rights and dignity of all sex trade survivors

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The World Congress, organised by CAP International, is the largest event of its kind globally, bringing together survivors, researchers, frontline workers, activists, parliamentarians, and officials.

The event will kick off with a World Survivors’ March on Saturday, June 1st, symbolising the collective determination to eradicate sexual exploitation and empower survivors worldwide.

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